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Donated Yacht Sales

This is a relatively new opportunity for boat buyers that offers many advantages. Here are some things that make it worth going after a donated yacht.

It’s a lot of boat for the money!

These listings include custom, factory and one off builds that have usually been well maintained and continually upgraded throughout. There is great value buying a boat this way. Most donation companies do a preliminary survey and attend to issues as part of the process (though I still recommend a survey at the time of purchase).

A creative way to finance

By design and in compliance with regulations, a donated yacht is usually a 3-year lease with option to purchase arrangement. This essentially facilitates a form of financing without the interest. This is especially beneficially with boats 20 years and older as those loans can be difficult to obtain and if your are able to finance, it’s usually at a high interest rate. While terms on donated boats can vary (and can be negotiable) this represents a great new way to spread out the cost of a vessel.

Helping out a worthy cause

Several of the yacht donation companies are tied to great charities; you are making a difference. Jones'N Marine is a bit selective on who we will work with, as some are much better than others, but all in all it is a great feeling to buy a boat and help a great cause at the same time.

Please feel free to reach out to Jones'N Marine about this and we can start the conversation and work through the process to find the right boat for you.
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